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Your always in-stock, extensive raw material inventory of lumber, steel, and more.

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View our inventory of truck and trailer decking (solid, finger joint), laminated truck flooring, rough trailer decking (heavy duty), tie and kick slats (solid, finger joint), and Apitong and domestic species.

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Laminate Truck Flooring
Trailer & Truck Decking
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Find all of your truck and trailer steel parts here, including Jet Kote steel slats, stake beds, side and end rails, and crossmembers (crossbars).

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Galleher Industries is your one-stop-shop for lumber, steel, and more. Our always in-stock, streamlined supply chain will save you money, time, and headaches. Competitors can’t match us in supply — we stock far more than just steel and lumber.

We offer thousands of SKUs across dozens of product categories, including lumber, steel, aluminum, hardware, and raw materials. We also supply various metal parts and hardware for dry vans, box trucks, contractor bodies, flatbeds, stake beds, trailers, and more.

Our on-site manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize and tailor parts. We’ll even re-engineer them to make them more affordable or easier to install.

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How Galleher Grew its Expertise

Truck and trailer manufacturers know they can depend on Galleher. Since 1937, they’ve trusted us to supply their lumber, steel, and other materials. With manufacturing and distribution facilities in both California and Texas, we meet the needs of truck and trailer partners across western and central U.S. seamlessly. We’re a mainstay of the industry — no risks and no uncertainty. Here, we have one golden rule: We never run out. We invest millions in stocking our inventory to ensure you’ll never waste time, space, or money getting your materials when you need them. No matter the scale, we’ve got you covered. We’re the supplier of choice for multibillion-dollar, publicly traded companies as well as small, local manufacturers.

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