Need Custom Truck and Trailer Solutions Fast?

Forget about middlemen or lengthy delays – we offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof.

Whether sourcing high-quality raw materials or providing custom metal fabrication and milling, Galleher surpasses your truck and trailer needs with our efficient in-house manufacturing and re-engineering capabilities, no matter the scale of the project.

Our Services

Our in-house manufacturing allows for customized parts and re-engineering for affordability and ease of installation.

Transforming Ideas Into Realities with

Expert Metal Fabrication

We are masters of metal fabrication, which involves cutting, bending, and assembling metal pieces. Our capabilities go beyond basic techniques, including complex processes such as robotic welding and robotic material handling. We have various types of equipment, including plasma cutters & lasers, roll formers, straightening lines, press brakes, shears, and notchers.

Our efficient and high-value services ensure our clients receive top-quality metal fabrication. We pride ourselves on offering extensive customization options, which are expertly brought to life by our seasoned professionals. Our focus is on providing affordable solutions that are easy to install, allowing for seamless business operations.

Superior Custom Milling

for High-Precision Results

Our custom milling services can handle any truck or trailer project, providing tailored parts and components that meet your exact specifications. We commit to delivering high-quality results that ensure optimal performance. Our team of milling specialists dedicates themselves to both accuracy and consistency with every custom order.

Our process involves cutting material from raw stock using various tools and techniques. We operate a double-sided planer to create custom thickness, a rip saw for width, and a chop saw for length on lumber. Our molder is the tool of choice for custom shapes like T&G, shiplap, and eased edges. For edging on plywood, we rely on our CNC router, which can add T&G and shiplap to achieve the perfect finish. Finally, our machine offers black undercoating on plywood panels for a customized solution that meets every client’s needs.

Our inventory isn’t just a selection; it’s a versatile toolbox of truck decking essentials.

Truck & Trailer Flooring

Discover our extensive selection of lumber, steel, and other materials to meet all your truck and trailer needs.

Truck Body & Trailer Components

Discover the range of our truck body and trailer components, designed for durability and performance in every journey.

Cargo Control

Check out our cargo control solutions that’ll guarantee the safety of your goods on the road.

Hardware and Accessories

Improve your truck or trailer setup for any task with the perfect hardware and accessories.

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