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You can depend on Galleher Industries to provide everything you need in just one stop. Our always in-stock, streamlined supply chain of lumber, steel, and more will save you money, time, and stress. Competitors can’t match us in supply — we stock far more than just steel and lumber.

Our inventory offers thousands of SKUs across dozens of product categories, including lumber, steel, aluminum, hardware, and raw materials. We also stock various metal parts and hardware for dry vans, box trucks, contractor bodies, flatbeds, stake beds, trailers, and more.

Our on-site manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize and tailor parts. We’ll even re-engineer them to make them more affordable or easier to install.

Galleher Truck and Trailer Parts

On-Site Metal Manufacturing Capabilities

Find out how our on-site manufacturing services can support your unique truck and trailer needs. Not only can we customize and tailor parts for you, we’ll even re-engineer parts to make them more affordable or easier to install!

We’d love to talk to you about how our services can help support your business, including metal fabrication, custom metal works, custom milling, and raw materials

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On-Site Metal Manufacturing Capabilities